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  • System Name: Arc-Royal
  • Coordinates: -172.13, 228.72
Product / Component Name: Product / Component Type:
VR5-R Verfolger BattleMech (Heavy BattleMech)
AF1 Artic Fox BattleMech (Light OmniMech)
Type IV Bloodhound Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Type V Bloodhound T&T System Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
HWLS Designation ComSys Component (Communications System)
K9 Component (Communications System)
K9 Comms System Component (Communications System)
Energizer Component - Armament (Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon)
Royal-7 Standard Component - Armor - Standard (BattleMechs & Vehicles)
AR-3 Endo Steel Component - Chasiss - Endo Steel (BattleMechs)
AR-6b Endo Steel Component - Chasiss - Endo Steel (BattleMechs)