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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
CNT-1D Centurion Lockheed-CBM Corporation Donegal
F-10 Cheetah Tengo Aerospace Sarna
F-10 Cheetah Tengo Aerospace St. Ives
F-11 Cheetah Imstar Aerospace Atreus
F-11 Cheetah-R Imstar Aerospace Amity
F-14 Cheetah-S Imstar Aerospace Marik
SB-27 Sabre Jalastar Aerospace Panpour
SB-27 Sabre Lockheed-CBM Corporation Donegal
SB-27 Sabre Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Dunianshire
SB-27 Sabre Pinard Protectorates Limited Organo
SPR-6D Sparrowhawk Jalastar Aerospace Panpour
SYD-Z1 Seydlitz Taurus Territorial Industries Sterope
SYD-Z2a Seydlitz Shipil Company Skye
SYD-Z2a Seydlitz United Outworlders Corporation Ramora
SYD-Z3a Seydlitz Shipil Company Skye
SYD-Z3a Seydlitz United Outworlders Corporation Ramora
SYD-Z4 Seydlitz Shipil Company Skye
SYD-Z4 Seydlitz United Outworlders Corporation Ramora
TR-7 Thrush Earthwerks Incorporated Tikonov
TR-7 Thrush Tengo Aerospace Sarna
TR-7 Thrush Tengo Aerospace St. Ives