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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
Gazelle (Obselete) Federated-Boeing Interstellar Galax
Hamilcar Irian Technologies Clipperton
Hannibal Deller-Bingham-Fouts Atreus
Hercules Bowie Industries Alarion
Intruder Andurien AeroTech - Free Worlds Defense Industries Andurien
Intruder (Obselete) TAG Tharkad
Intuder (Obselete) BBP Industries Luthien
Kuan Ti Earthwerks Limited Ares
Kuan Ti Kallon Industries Loyalty
Leopard Federated-Boeing Interstellar Galax
Leopard Irian Technologies Clipperton
Leopard (Obselete) Bowie Industries Alarion
Leopard (Obselete) Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Dunianshire
Leopard (Obselete) Taurus Territorial Industries Taurus
Leopard CV Bowie Industries Alarion
Leopard CV Federated-Boeing Interstellar Galax
Leopard CV Irian Technologies Clipperton
Lung Wang Rasphur-Owens Incorporated Capella
Mammoth Deller-Bingham-Fouts Atreus
Mammoth New Syrtis Shipyards New Syrtis
Mammoth Tengo Aerospace Sarna
Mercer Marshall Yards Marshall
Merlin Brigadier Corporation Gibson
Merlin Irian Technologies Clipperton
Model 97 'Octopus' Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Dalton