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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
250 Fusion Gutierrez Aerospace Trellisane
Breen 190 Jalastar Aerospace Panpour
Consolidated Fusion 240 Standard Irece Alpha Irece
Consolidated Fusion 270 Standard Irece Alpha Irece
Core Tek 275 Achernar BattleMechs New Avalon
Core Tek 275 Kallon Industries Wernke/Talon
Core Tek 275 Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Dunianshire
Dav 220 Achernar BattleMechs New Avalon
Defiance 120 Defiance Motors Tharkad
Defiance 160 Defiance Motors Tharkad
Doorman 120 Bowie Industries Carlisle
Doorman 175 Bowie Industries Carlisle
FireHeart 180 Johnston Industries New Syrtis
Fusion 200 Standard Olivetti Weaponry Sudeten
Fusion 260 Irece Beta Irece
Galas 115 Micro-Fusion Michaelson Heavy Industries Ruchbah
Galas Lightpower 80 Michaelson Heavy Industries Ruchbah
GM 120 Coventry Metal Works Coventry
GM 120 Earthwerks Incorporated Calloway VI
GM 120 Earthwerks Incorporated Grand Base
GM 120 Earthwerks Incorporated Keystone
GM 120 General Motors Talcott
GM 120 Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Canopus IV
GM 120 Taurus Territorial Industries Taurus
GM 120 w. MASC Earthwerks Incorporated Calloway VI