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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
NXS1-A Nexus Skobel MechWorks Terra
OSR-3D Osiris Achernar BattleMechs New Avalon
OTT-9CS Ostscout Krupp Armaments Works Terra
OTT-9CS Ostscout Odin Manufacturing Orestes
OTT-9S Ostscout Blackstone BattleMechs Limited Inarcs
Pack Hunter WC Site 3 Arc-Royal
PNT-10K Panther Alshain Weapons Tok Do
PNT-10K Panther Gorton, Kingsley & Thorpe Enterprises Satalice
PNT-9R Panther Gorton, Kingsley & Thorpe Enterprises Rasalhague
RDS-2A Red Shift Leopard Armor Terra
RVN-4L Raven Hellespont 'Mech Works Sian
RZK-9S Razorback Bowie Industries Carlisle
SCB-9A Scarabus Coventry Metal Works Coventry
SDR-7M Spider Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Tematagi
SDR-9K Venom Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Tematagi
Snow Fox Hector Mechworks Facility Alpha Hector
SPR-5F Spector Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated Loxley
STG-3R Stinger Alliance Defenders Limited Alpheratz
STG-3R Stinger Bergan Industries Ares
STG-3R Stinger Coventry Metal Works Coventry
STG-3R Stinger Earthwerks Incorporated Grand Base
STG-3R Stinger Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Canopus IV
STG-5M Stinger Earthwerks Incorporated Calloway VI
STG-5M Stinger Earthwerks Incorporated Keystone
STG-5R Stinger Pinard Protectorates Limited MacLeod's Land