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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
TSN-1C Tessen Independence Weaponry Quentin
Ursus Bergan Industries Alshain
UZL-3S Uziel Defiance Industries Furillo
VL-5S Vulcan Coventry Metal Works Coventry
VND-4L Vindicator Ceres Metals Industries Capella
VT-5M Vulcan Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Tematagi
WFT-1 Wolf Trap Luthien Armor Works Luthien
WRW-LF-004 Werewolf O'Neal's BattleMechs of Solaris Solaris VII
WTC-4M Watchman Robinson Standard BattleWorks Robinson
WVR-7D Wolverine Kallon Industries Nanking
WVR-7M Wolverine Gibson Federated BattleMechs - (Free Worlds Defense Industries) Gibson
WVR-7M Wolverine Kallon Industries Thermopolis
WVR-8C Wolverine Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works) Marduk
WVR-8D Wolverine Kallon Industries Wernke/Talon
WVR-8K Wolverine Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works) Marduk
WVR-9D Wolverine Kallon Industries Wernke/Talon
Wyvern IIC Manzikert Fabrication and Assembly Plant Gamma Dagda