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  • System Name: Betelgeuse
  • Coordinates: 5.74, -309.57
Product / Component Name: Product / Component Type:
Regulator Hovertank Vehicle (Hovercraft)
Behemoth Tank Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle)
Demolisher Tank Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle)
Schrek PPC Carrier Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle)
Zhukov Heavy Tank Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle)
Cirxese BallistaCheck and RockeCheck Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Omicron IX Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Virtutrak S1 Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Olmstead 30 Component (Communications System)
Olmstead 3000 Component (Communications System)
Olmstead 37 Component (Communications System)
Hellstar Component - Armament (Particle Projection Cannon)
SarLon MaxiCannon Component - Armament (Autocannon/10)
185mm ChemJet Gun Component - Armament (Autocannon/20)
Inokuma Component - Armament (Gauss Rifle)
LongFire Light Component - Armament (Long-Range Missiles 5-Pack)
Harvester 2K Component - Armament (Short-Range Missiles 2-Pack)
Harvester 20K Component - Armament (Short-Range Missiles 6-Pack)
ArcShield Maxi I Component - Armor - Standard (BattleMechs & Vehicles)
ArcShield Maxi II Component - Armor - Standard (BattleMechs & Vehicles)
ArcShield VII Mk 5 Component - Armor - Standard (BattleMechs & Vehicles)
GM 170 Power Plant (Fusion Engine)
GM 240 Power Plant (Fusion Engine)
225 Internal Combustion Power Plant (Internal Combustion Engine)
GM R200 Power Plant (Internal Combustion Engine)
GM Superload 240 Power Plant (Internal Combustion Engine)