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[3052]Bjarred is a rather small world beneath a large hot sun. Though it has little open water on its surface, huge underground rivers run through catacombs below the surface. Lush grasses, bushes, and trees cluster above these subterranean waterways. As a result, vast lines of vegetation crisscross the planet. Bjarred's barren mountains are rich in minerals and metals, which attracted the first colonists, an Ozawa scout group, in the early 23rd century.

Today, the Deep Ores Company is the sole industry on the planet. In contract with the Metals of the Earth, the Deep Ores Company has kept other companies away by frequently paying bribes to the planet's Chairman. Because the Chairman has recently been demanding higher bribes, the CEO of Deep Ores, Melissa Ozawa (a distant relation of the famous Ozawas) has decided to stop paying. She believes that her company is now strong enough to stand competition from any rival that appears on Bjarred.

Mountain bandits often raid Deep Ores' mines and camps. Defending the planet and the mining concern is a battalion of the 4th Pesht Regulars commanded by Colonel Brethby Stiverson. Their headquarters are in the capital of Bjarred, Oasis V.

[3050] During the fighting with Clan Smoke Jaguar in March 3050, the defending First and Second Bjarred Armoured Regiments took refuge in the Bird's Roost, a crumbling Castle Brian. The Jaguar's hunted their prey through the castle's maze of tunnels, and Trinary Striker suffered severe casualties when part of the castle wall collapsed on top of it. The survivors of Trinary Striker, along with First Trinary Battle and Binary Elemental, of the Jaguar Grenadiers, eventually flushed out the defenders and destroyed them.

[3059] During Operation Bulldog, the possession of Bjarred was decided by the toss of a coin toss. In bidding to take the world single handedly, Tai-Sa Katherine Oltion of the Sixth Ghost Regiment, in the service of the SLDF, stated “in combat there are only two elements: skill and chance.”

Her opponent, Star Colonel Olivia Drummond of the Nova Cat 189th Striker Cluster, impressed with the Tai-Sa's bid, agreed that the part of skill had been cancelled out between them, leaving only chance. Tai-Sa Oltion then flipped a coin, leaving chance to decide the fate of the world. Star Colonel Drummond chose "edge", and lost, granting the Bjarred to the SLDF. The Nova Cat forces were taken as bondsmen, and then freed to defend the world in the name of the SLDF.

System Info:

  • System Name: Bjarred
  • Coordinates: 245.15, 411.80
  • Star Type: F4V
  • Position in System: 5
  • Time to Jump Point: 12.00 days
  • Recharging Station: Nadir
  • ComStar Facility Class: B
  • Population: 890,000,000
  • Percentage and Level of Native Life: 15% Amphibian

System Owner Eras:

Era: Faction:
2575 DC
2750 DC
3025 DC
3030 DC
3040 DC
3052 CNC
3057 CNC
3062 DC

System Occupation Dates:

Occupation Date: Faction:
2569-08-15 Draconis Combine
3050-03-01 Clan Smoke Jaguar
3051-11-01 Clan Nova Cat
3059-07-07 Draconis Combine

System Star Maps:


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Inhabited System(s) within 2 jumps:

Planet: X Coord: Y Coord: Jumps:
Chupadero 230.03 382.85 2
Jeanette 224.03 370.60 2
Kabah 208.90 372.94 2
Lonaconing 260.28 377.90 2
Sawyer 252.72 396.16 1
Stapelfeld 220.12 396.68 1
Virentofta 200.82 403.72 2

Planet has description information.

Planet has one of more factories.

Used as a location in the following Novels:

Novel: # of Chapters:
Grave Covenant 1 Limited Availability