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[3067] Water is a staple of life, but relatively few Inner Sphere worlds have it in sufficient immediately usable quantity to prosper. The TriFil process employed by Curtiss Hydroponics, licensed from the first Star League but becoming Curtiss’ property after the Amaris Coup, is an essential aspect of life on many worlds, as are the company’s hydroponics and power-generation systems (which include solar and geothermal systems in addition to the more famous hydroelectric mechanisms). In 2668, Curtiss purchased the assets of the near-bankrupt Ryan Ice Cartel, the group that had made colonization of the stars possible so many centuries earlier. In addition to a reputation for foresight that allowed it to build up significant stockpiles of equipment and resources in advance of the Succession Wars, Curtiss Hydroponics has invested heavily in field and technical staff. This commitment extends to Curtiss making numerous scholarships available for those wishing to attend the FWL Technical College, at vocational, university or doctoral levels, in exchange for an employment contract whose duration depends on the extent of the scholarship (though most scholars remain with the company beyond the mandated period). In addition, the company is the single largest employer of non-scholarship graduates from the FWLTC. By combining practical and scientific development, Curtiss Hydroponics has built a reputation for efficiency and innovation, as well as dedication to its customers. Knowing how vital its services are, the company has also shown its willingness to cut deals with colonies (and no small number of vessels) that rely on its services, often making alternative arrangements — trading services, in-kind goods, station-share and the like — in lieu of the usual fees. While this means the company has not made the profits it might have with a more hard-line management in power, these arrangements gained it considerable power and influence across the League and beyond. Consequently, Curtiss can tap into an entire network of favors and good relations when needed. Alessandra Wong, CEO of Curtiss Hydroponics, shares her authority with two other executive directors — the aged general Blanton Stilwell, who has managed the 51 fragile vessels of the Ryan Iceships Division since the 3020s, and Nigel Marcantuani, a civil engineer who spends most of his time overseeing Curtiss’ field installations. The charismatic Wong, who takes after her playboy father, serves as the public face of the organization and is a fixture at the courts on Paradise and Atreus. Her estranged husband, Mathieu Kassel, manages the little-known military technologies division (best known for the Eagle, Wraith and Yeoman BattleMechs). Neither has allowed their personal difficulties to hinder Curtiss’ business endeavors.

Paradise's other major exports are rare hardwoods and miniature parrots.

System Info:

  • System Name: Paradise
  • Coordinates: -241.24, -153.61
  • Time to Jump Point: 4.00 days

System Owner Eras:

Era: Faction:
2575 FWL
2750 FWL
3025 FWL
3030 FWL
3040 FWL
3052 FWL
3057 FWL
3062 FWL

System Occupation Dates:

Occupation Date: Faction:
2569-08-15 Free Worlds League

System Star Maps:


Inhabited System(s) within 2 jumps:

Planet: X Coord: Y Coord: Jumps:
Albert Falls -271.23 -133.01 2
Alterf -205.77 -156.22 2
Ashburton -265.76 -141.09 1
Cajamarca -245.41 -164.30 1
Chalouba -280.36 -142.92 2
Eromanga -286.36 -119.45 2
Escobas -218.81 -127.53 2
Futuna -211.51 -192.47 2
Home -281.14 -165.35 2
Ibarra -255.32 -183.60 2
Loyalty -228.72 -145.79 1  
Manihiki -209.16 -169.52 2
Newcastle -210.47 -182.30 2
Norfolk -223.77 -181.52 2
Shasta -219.33 -129.88 2
Simpson Desert -273.84 -127.79 2
Trinidad -228.98 -173.69 1
Tuamotu -237.33 -187.25 2

Planet has description information.

Planet has one of more factories.