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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
Hollis Mark 1A Corsara Weaponries Northwind
Hollis Mark X Red Devil Industries Pandora
Hollis MK III Ceres Metals Industries Capella
Irian Class 30 Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Shiro III
Kali Yama Chassis Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation Kendall
Kallon Light Type 2AXQ Kallon Industries Asuncion
Kallon Type IV Kallon Industries Thermopolis
Kallon Type IV Kallon Industries Wernke/Talon
Kallon Type IV Red Devil Industries Pandora
Kallon Type XII Independence Weaponry Quentin
Kallon Type XIIa Kallon Industries Wernke/Talon
Kallon-X Kallon Industries Thermopolis
Kell Reinforced 240 Gibson Federated BattleMechs - (Free Worlds Defense Industries) Gibson
Kell Reinforced 270 Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited Tematagi
Kell Reinforced 270 Ronin Incorporated Wallis
Kressly GRF1A-MDX Kressly Warworks Epsilon Eridani
Krupp 200 Krupp Armaments Works Terra
Lang T1 Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Dunianshire
LAW LNC25-02 Luthien Armor Works Luthien
Maltex 40 Defiance Industries Hesperus II
Mathertech 500 Coventry Metal Works Coventry
Mingh Z33/7 Lantren Corporation Bryant
Norse Heavy XTI-4C Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated Loxley
Norse TRA34 Heavy Blue Shot Weapons Solaris VII
Norse TRA34 Heavy General Motors Kathil