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  • System Name: Nanking
  • Coordinates: 22.95, -52.16
Product / Component Name: Product / Component Type:
SHD-5D Shadow Hawk BattleMech (Medium BattleMech)
WVR-7D Wolverine BattleMech (Medium BattleMech)
Ontos Heavy Tank Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle)
Partisan Air Defense Tank Vehicle (Tracked Vehicle)
GuideRite with Laser Coordination Link and artemis IV FCS Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Kallon SureShot C3 Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Northrup 12000 Component (Jump Jets)
Kallon Secure Net Component (Communications System)
SimplePlate Manufacturers Type M Component - Armor - Standard (BattleMechs & Vehicles)
Crucis-B Component - Chasiss - Standard (BattleMechs)
Kallon Type VII Endo Steel Component - Chasiss - Endo Steel (BattleMechs)
GM Super 240 Power Plant (Fusion Engine)
Nissan 275 XL w. MASC Power Plant (Extra-Light Fusion Engine)
GM 285 Heavyload Power Plant (Internal Combustion Engine)
GM Superload 240 Power Plant (Internal Combustion Engine)