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[3062] Now controlled solely by Clan Star Adder, Albion was the capital of Clan Burrock, prior to its Absorption by the Adders in 3058. Enraged that they had not been included in the Right of Absorption against their hated enemy, Clan Blood Spirit launched an unsanctioned attack of its own on Albion.

When Alpha Galaxy received the "Go!" command from Khan Schmitt for the Clan Burrock Absorption, the entire Galaxy dropped onto Albion to face its Clan Star Adder counterpart and the Burrocks' Kappa Galaxy. Galaxy Commander Jon Church planned to isolate smaller units and bring as to bear as much of his force as possible, hoping to destroy the enemy quickly and maintain the Spirits' attack momentum. This plan initially met with success, decimating the Star Adders' Eighty-Seventh Dragoon Cluster.

As occurred in most battles during the Absorption, however, the Burrocks and Star Adders soon joined forces to combat the Blood Spirits. The final blow for Alpha Galaxy came when Commander Church pitted units against Star Adder opponents at Fort Weller, Clan Burrocks' largest military base. Outnumbered and outgunned, the star Adders' Fifth Assault Cluster led a suicide charge that shattered the Blood Spirits' defense and forced them to withdraw. The survivors lifted offplanet within two days of the Fort Weller debacle.

Clan Blood Spirits warrior's vowed to make Clan Star Adder pay for its transgression in Absorbing their enemy, transferring their age-long hatred of the Burrocks to a new foe.

After the Spirits had lifted offworld, the ranking Burrock officer, Star Colonel Carlos Hutchinson, offered himself as a proxy for the Burrock system. Khan Cassius N’Buta accepted his challenge, and the battle between them raged across the Tanzistan Plateau for the better part of a day as warriors from both sides watched. In the end N’Buta and Clan Star Adder were victorious; Albion and everything that remained of Clan Burrock belonged to the Star Adders.

During the fighting, the busy Cheops shipyards were severely damaged by Clan Blood Spirit. This forced the Adders, with their naval fleet now almost doubled with the Burrock isorla, to mothball some of their WarShip fleet, lest they be lost to poor maintenance.

System Info:

  • System Name: Albion
  • Coordinates: -53.00, 1791.00
  • Star Type: K1V
  • Position in System: 2
  • Population: 7,300,000
  • Percentage and Level of Native Life: Reptiles

System Owner Eras:

Era: Faction:
2575 N/A
2750 N/A
3025 CH
3030 CH
3040 CH
3052 CH
3057 CH
3062 CH

System Occupation Dates:

Occupation Date: Faction:
2920-12-31 Clan Homeworlds

System Star Maps:

Inhabited System(s) within 2 jumps:

Planet: X Coord: Y Coord: Jumps:
Grants Station -70.00 1835.00 2
Homer -82.00 1798.00 1  
York -74.00 1806.00 1  

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