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[2581] In July 2581, During the Reunification War, the Star League's 4th Corps advanced on Brusett. Though the 16th and 19th Tamara Regulars were expecting a costly encounter on the plains of Abraham, they found the area empty as they reached the cities of Malachi and Remington. The Taurians had seemingly abandoned the cities, presumably to hide in the hills. Within a week after their unopposed occupation of the cities, over three-quarters of the invasion force died from massive doses of a slow-acting poison that had been introduced into the supplies. In all, over six thousand League troopers died before medical personnel developed an antidote to the poison.

System Info:

  • System Name: Brusett
  • Coordinates: 247.76, -330.96

System Owner Eras:

Era: Faction:
2575 TC
2750 FS
3025 FS
3030 FS
3040 FC
3052 FC
3057 FC
3062 FC

System Occupation Dates:

Occupation Date: Faction:
2569-08-15 Taurian Concordat
2596-09-22 Federated Suns
3039-03-15 Federated Commonwealth
3081-12-25 Federated Suns

System Star Maps:


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Inhabited System(s) within 2 jumps:

Planet: X Coord: Y Coord: Jumps:
Amber Grove 275.15 -365.46 2
Drienfontein 273.58 -292.88 2
Firgrove 252.19 -301.48 1
Hyalite 271.23 -357.30 2
Kaitangata 233.68 -282.19 2
Keuterville 276.71 -315.05 2
Lothair 268.62 -340.08 1
New Syrtis 233.16 -298.88 2  
Oltepesi 254.80 -279.06 2

Planet has description information.

Planet has one of more factories.