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Product / Component Name: Factory: Planet:
Ayukawa "Slapper" Bulldog Enterprises Proserpina
Beta-6 Andurien AeroTech - Free Worlds Defense Industries Andurien
Beta-6 Andurien AeroTech - Free Worlds Defense Industries Westover
Bical ? United Outworlders Corporation Mitchella
Coventry 90mm Six-Rack Coventry Metal Works Coventry
Exostar Dynamics Gallery
Harpoon-6 Lycomb-Davion IntraTech New Avalon
Harpoon-6 Oriente Weapon Works Oriente
Harvester 20K Aldis Industries Betelgeuse
Harvester 20K Cyclops Incorporated Skye
Hovertec Hex Menke Armor and Armament Menke
Irian Weapons Works 60mm Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Irian
Irian Weapons Works Class 6 Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Shiro III
Marklin Six Pack Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Dunianshire
MilDouglas "Duke" Ceres Metals Industries Warlock
Shannon SH-60 Exeter Organization Keystone
Shannon SH-60 Ronin Incorporated Wallis
Shannon Six-Shooter Vandenberg Mechanized Industries Illiushin
Sian/Ceres Cougar Ceres Metals Industries St. Ives
Sian/Ceres Harpoon 6 Hellespont Industrials Sian
StarStreak Heavy Red Devil Industries Pandora
SureShot Mk VI Brooks Incorporated Andurien
SureShot Mk VI Brooks Incorporated Irian
Telos-6 Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works) Marduk
TharHes Maxi TharHes Industries Tharkad