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  • System Name: Wallis
  • Coordinates: -200.56, -195.34
Product / Component Name: Product / Component Type:
MAD-9M Marauder BattleMech (Heavy BattleMech)
WHM-7M Warhammer BattleMech (Heavy BattleMech)
LFN Lindblad Shotgun Component (Anti-Missile System)
Wasat Watchdog W100 Component (Targeting and Tracking System)
Northrup 12000 Component (Jump Jets)
Barret Party Line-200 Component (Communications System)
Barret Party Line-200 w. C3 Slave Component (Communications System)
Martell Component - Armament (Medium Laser)
Martell Component - Armament (Small Laser)
Martell Component - Armament (Pulse Medium Laser)
Martell Component - Armament (Pulse Small Laser)
LFN Lindblad Component - Armament (Machine Gun)
Shannon SH-60 Component - Armament (Short-Range Missiles 6-Pack)
Durallex Heavy Component - Armor - Standard (BattleMechs & Vehicles)
GM Marauder Component - Chasiss - Standard (BattleMechs)
Kell Reinforced 270 Component - Chasiss - Standard (BattleMechs)
GM 300 Power Plant (Fusion Engine)
Magna 280 Power Plant (Fusion Engine)