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Jaipur is a small planet with modest resources and a reasonably pleasant atmosphere, located in the Capellan March.

The original settlers of Jaipur were from Terran India and from the planet Mars. They settled down to begin farming the dry, but workable land. When the planet became the site of a major battle in 2533, during the Civil War era of the Federated Suns, the farmers waited quietly until the killing stopped and they could return to their land once more.

Cassandra Varney's forces had managed to isolate General Gordon, Prince Alexander Davion's most loyal commander, and his small force by keeping them under siege on Jaipur. Alexander Davion launched a hasty attack to relieve pressure on his general, but being forced to rely on second-rate troops, the rescue attempt unsurprisingly failed and Gordon was forced to surrender his troops. When brought for trial for "war crimes" by Cassandra Varney, the young General was condemned to death and executed. Most of his troops were similarly slaughtered.

For several hundred years, the predominantly agricultural population was contented enough. They did fairly well during the Star League Era, but only barely survived the First and Second Succession Wars. Now that the progress of the Third War has pushed the Capellan border far from Jaipur, the planetary population looks forward to years of peace.

Things began to change recently when the Feruc family decided to become one of the industrial powers of the Federated Suns. They have begun to mine the planet's meager resources and to build huge factories far beyond the capacity of the planet or its people. This has led to growing resentment among the common folk and some of Jaipur's lesser nobles.

The capital of Jaipur is New Amritsar.

System Info:

  • System Name: Jaipur
  • Coordinates: 177.08, -282.71
  • Star Type: F1V
  • Position in System: 4
  • Time to Jump Point: 8.00 days
  • Recharging Station: Zenith
  • ComStar Facility Class: B
  • Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30% Mammal

System Owner Eras:

Era: Faction:
2575 TH/CC/FS
2750 TH/CC/FS
3025 FS
3030 FS
3040 FC
3052 FC
3057 FC
3062 FC

System Occupation Dates:

Occupation Date: Faction:
2569-08-15 Terran Hegemony/Capellan Confederation/Federated Suns
2920-12-31 Federated Suns
3039-03-15 Federated Commonwealth
3081-12-25 Federated Suns

System Star Maps:


There are no functional factories located on this planet.

Inhabited System(s) within 2 jumps:

Planet: X Coord: Y Coord: Jumps:
Abruzzi 150.74 -306.96 2
Ashley 165.87 -311.13 2
Atlas 158.83 -246.20 2
Aucara 178.13 -298.88 1
Avigait 154.39 -277.49 1
Bacum 158.57 -291.84 1
Beenleigh 185.43 -271.23 1
Carmacks 185.43 -238.89 2
Corella 143.44 -253.50 2
Cotocallao 146.05 -302.27 2
Courcellete 142.92 -313.48 2
Cumberland 208.90 -267.32 2
Flintoft 193.25 -336.17 2
Hadnall 137.96 -264.97 2
Mandaree 184.12 -311.66 1
Narellan 172.13 -256.11 1
Ridgebrook 203.16 -322.35 2
Safe Port 135.62 -289.49 2
Shaunavon 161.70 -326.26 2
Taygeta 200.03 -298.09 1
Teng 128.84 -274.36 2
Wappingers 176.82 -233.16 2
Wrentham 172.13 -328.35 2

Planet has description information.

Planet has one of more factories.